Rent a Car Rawalpindi

Grab Car Rental Operates in Major cities of Pakistan Rawalpindi is the fourth largest populated city of Pakistan located in  Pothohar plateau in the foot of Himalayas… commonly-known as Rawalpindi.

Self Drive Car Rental

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GRAB A CAR provides the best self-drive rental services in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We provide small to large beautiful comfortable self-drive cars at the cheapest rates. Our fleet includes small to large economical automatic/manual automobiles like SUZUKI, TOYOTA, LANDCRUISER, PARADO. Self-drive car are difficult and expensive to hire in twin cities. But GRAB A CAR Rental makes sure about customer care and your privacy. Some people feel more comfortable in a self-drive car rather than preferring a chauffeur with a family.… Read More »Self Drive Car Rental

Monthly Car Rental

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Grab a car rental deals with beautiful luxury and customized cars all around Pakistan Especially in the biggest twin cities Whenever you plan for a trip /vacation or a business tour for the long term as a month to Pakistan. Traveling around Islamabad and northern areas is highly difficult and expensive. To make it easy and cost-friendly we provide cars as per your needs and desire on weekly and monthly The basis for personal and business tours. We have all… Read More »Monthly Car Rental


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Rent a Car Enjoy a smooth safe and friendly travel/ stay in Pakistan with traveling in most  elegant And beautiful luxury limousine and Mercedes by GRAB A CAR Rental. If you are looking for exciting rides within twin cities we provide with the best luxury Cars. If you are tired of traveling by air or driving local brands GRAB A CAR Rental has best Professional chauffeur-driven luxury car rentals.   GRAB A CAR provides luxury car rentals in reasonable prices… Read More »LUXURY CAR RENTAL